Harrington Area Community Association All Candidates Forum. September 13

Video of the night.

While I encourage you to watch all of it, the Mayoral portion begins at 2:29 and is about 30 minutes long.

Fantastic night.

The Harrington Area Community Association is to be commended for putting on this event.

My opening/closing comments are below.


“I’ve listened to what our communities want for a long time.

The job of Mayor IS to listen…

But our communities’ issues aren’t going to get better on their own…

Mayor is a job of LEADERSHIP.

Leadership is having a vision, and plan…

AND the ability to EXECUTE that plan.

You know the expression “Everybody likes a sausage but nobody wants to know how it’s made.”?

Well a Mayor has to be able to make sausages.

A Mayor has to listen, understand the issues, turn that into effective policy, and have a plan to execute that policy.

A Mayor has to be able to build relationships and advocate with neighbouring Municipalities, Provincial politicians. Whoever it takes to get things done.

That is how you get the change people want.

I’ve fought for Zorra’s schools for six years.

I’ve fought for more effective project management at the Township that’ll save us money.

I’ve fought for innovative promotion of Zorra farm gate businesses, WITH NO NEW TAX MONEY.

I’ve fought for ag by protecting Prime Agricultural Land.

I’ve fought for better roads and better road safety my entire time on Council.

I’ve fought the proposed HSR for over a year.

I want to keep fighting for the issues that matter to Zorra.

I have a plan.

I’ve demonstrated I’m ABLE to get things done.

I want to get to work on that plan.”


“Think about what you want for your community.

Think about what it takes to actually get that done.

And then vote.”

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