Mayor of Zorra Township, and Warden of Oxford County.

Vice Chair of Community Schools Alliance.

Executive of the Top Aggregate Producing Municipalities of Ontario.

Phone: 1.519.425.2338 or 1.519.539.9800 x3003
Facebook: Marcus Ryan – OxfordandZorra
Twitter: @marcusryanzorra
Web: marcusryanzorra.ca
Instagram: marcusryanzorra
YouTube: Marcus Ryan Zorraheader

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  1. Hello Mayor Ryan!

    I heard you speak today at our Ontario federation of Agriculture Policy Advisory Committee meeting. THANK YOU for your time with us! I am inspired.

    I grew up in urban GTA and have been farming in Wellington County for the last 23 years. Everything you said, I agree with 100%. It is my life mission to increase Ontario’s agricultural economic impact by growing and providing local food and supporting others who do the same. Connecting more urban people with the land, animals and people who create the food we eat is essential for strong and positive growth in our communities. Only great things can come from more understanding and support of one another.

    You have a new raving fan!
    I will be following your social media 🙂

    Katie Normet
    River’s Edge Goat Dairy
    The Goat Farm Chocolate Factory Inc
    The Centre for Agricultural Connection Ltd


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