My Platform

I’ve listened to you guys for the last few years about what your issues are.
I think when you’re running for Mayor, part of that is to offer a plan of how you’re going to get things done.
Here’s a link to my platform, these are the things that I think you want done.
Take a look at them, let’s talk about them.
Because I can promise you, if elected, I’ll be working hard to get them done for you.


Rural communities shouldn’t bear the costs (reduced growth leads to reduced services and increased taxes) of protecting Prime Agricultural Land on their own.


Restructure the Budget Process to control expenses.  Start with a base and add inflation.

Get full cost recovery of gravel pit damage to roads, and improved enforcement from the Province.

An improved development plan to reduce pressure on current property tax payers.

Improve the safety of our roads.

Improve the functionality of our roads.

Promote alternatives to the existing High Speed Rail proposal.

Support Agriculture, the largest employer in the province.

Explore Surplus Farmhouse Severance opportunities within the Oxford Official Plan.

Implement the Recreation Arts and Culture Master Plan.

Commit to 100% use of Renewable Energy by 2040.

Oppose importation of waste to unwilling host municipalities.




Facebook: Marcus Ryan – Zorra

Twitter: @marcusryanzorra


Instagram: marcusryanzorra

YouTube: Marcus Ryan Zorra

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