Zorra’s Strategic Plan

Zorra’s Strategic Plan will be presented to Council at the January 12 Council meeting for consideration, and I am hopeful that it will pass at that time.  It would then be used for the remaining three years of this Council and would have to be readopted, modified, or scrapped by the next Council.

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 9.31.55 AMI know that not everyone is excited by Strategic Plans, but I am…

I think it will be a great tool for Council and Staff to consider, evaluate, and prioritize new initiatives.  From there they would be fed into the budget process accordingly.  It should also help guide Council decisions on specific planning issues, and bigger longer term planning issues (like surplus farm house severances which I will be writing a future blog on…).

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 9.28.02 AM

These are commitments that Council and Staff will be obliged to consider and achieve for all new issues for the remainder of this Council term (3 years).  They are a “lens” through which we will look at all issues, opportunities, and challenges: “how does this fit in the strategic plan?”

One thing I am not happy about is the level of public input on the plan.  Staff have worked hard to get public input, asking in the Village Voice, Zorra Now, on the website, Facebook, Twitter, and holding three public meetings (Thamesford, Embro, and Harrington), but not a lot of people came out (thanks to those who did, your input WILL be incorporated).  So, please try to make some time next Tuesday and come to the Council meeting (Tuesday January 12 @ 9:30am) where the Strategic Plan will be considered, public input could still be received.  Or, contact your Councillor in the meant time.

If you are not happy about this plan, or are happy but want to add more, there is still time to have your say.

Here’s a link:



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